Welcome to LÅNGHAUS

Welcome to Longhaus! 

We are Sarasota's newest photography experience school ready to share with you a season of classes, lectures, exhibitions, and nature retreats. We believe in the power of connection while learning something new so we strive to create an interactive learning environment for our students.


When we learn in a relaxed way we are more receptive and more creative which is just what we want to promote at Longhaus so you can not just expand your skills but your resources for problem solving. We build in time in our classes so you can build friendships with those in your class environment and experience the beauty of collaboration in your creative and skill building process. 


Welcome and enjoy this fresh approach to the classroom as we partner with local food vendors, non-for-profit organizations, and nature centers to give you a broad range of resources while developing skills. Photography is the study of light and light is everywhere in life.


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