Chief Fairy

Sorcha Augustine
Marketing & Communications Manager


Native to the Midwest, Sorcha’s artistic journey started as a dancer and painter. Her interest in photography did not start until she was 18 years old and decided to become a dance photographer. Her talents beyond photography soon became apparent in college as she began to work as a model for local artists and then as a gala organizer for the YEA Arts Foundation. She graduated from the Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota Florida, in 2009, with a BFA in Photography and Digital Imaging and a completed fine art thesis with Sarasota Contemporary Dance, formally called Fuzion Dance Artists. 

Her photography career began immediately after college, back in the Midwest, in a commercial production studio and eventually transitioned into working as an apprentice for international ballroom photographer, Tony Eng, official USA photographer for Blackpool Dance Festival. While working as a dance photographer, she also acquired work as a choreographer and wedding venue director for several small businesses in the Midwest. Since her return to Sarasota in early 2016, she has worked as a photographer for Sarasota Contemporary Dance and several dance studios in the area, while also returning to Ringling College to work as a figure model and as the Education Assistant for The Longboat Key Center for the Arts. 

After the Art Center’s closing in early 2017, Sorcha decided to join Jeffrey in his pursuit of launching Longhaus, harnessing his passion for teaching with her love of galas, events, and exhibitions. She is excited to see where their venture will take them and to expand on the idea of education experience. 

Sorcha welcomes her passion for the human figure into Longhaus with Open Figure Drawing Sessions on Thursday mornings: