Welcoming the Wanderer

Wayne Eastep joins us as a guest instructor this season.

“The purpose of my work is to connect first hand with people and places, and create images that tell their story. The goal of my images is to go beyond the documentary and make a connection to the energy in the human spirit and the spirit within nature. My belief is that through that connection we can share the energy within a person or place...”

Keeper of stories.

Wayne Eastep is a documentary and fine art photographer. For National Geographic, he profiled Japan as seen through the art and culture of Kyoto. His book "The Soul of Kazakhstan," is regarded by scholars as one of the most accurate studies of Kazakh worldview and culture. Another of his notable works, "The Living Seas," is a book of underwater photography officially created for the aquarium at Disney's EPCOT. For Smithsonian Magazine, he photographed the first and most extensive study of archeology in Saudi Arabia. For National Geographic, he produced a film about the Kings' Camel Race, a 12 mile competition between 1,400 camels. For thirty years Wayne has studied and continues to study the Al Murrah a nomadic tribe, an Arab people with an unbroken blood line dating back to the earliest records of recorded history. Wayne and his wife Patti lived as nomads with the Al Murrah and created the book BEDOUIN.

For four years he was the official photographer of the Diplomatic Quarter of Saudi Arabia. For seven years he was under contract with the State Department as a consultant to train diplomats about the history and culture of Kazakhstan and Saudi Arabia. In 2013, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia recognized him for his cultural work. Wayne’s fine artwork has been exhibited in major museums like the Smithsonian and the Natural History Museum. His photographs are in permanent corporate collections and numerous private collectors around the world.

His commercial career has won top awards for his work creating brand images for: Nautica, GE-Monogram, and United Technologies, to name a few. He has photographed ad campaigns for Nikon, Cannon, Olympus, and Polaroid. Wayne earned a Masters of Divinity degree from Union Theological Seminary in New York city. His concentration was Philosophy, Comparative Religions and Culture. His profession as a photographer was developed through an apprenticeship wth the Magnum Photo Agency in New York. He now lives in Sarasota with his wife Patti and has a daughter named Layla Arian who lives in Boston.

Opportunities with Wayne this season: