About Us

Långhus (ˈlȯŋ-ˌhau̇s) : a long, proportionately narrow, single-room building built by tribal peoples in various parts of the world as a communal gathering place for celebration, ritual, and feasting.

Longhaus is Sarasota Florida’s newest photography and traditional craft school. Our name comes from the celebratory gathering houses of ancient Vikings, both in reference to our director's Swedish heritage, as well as the spirit of preserving tribal traditions. We offer classes and workshops but also an inviting environment for connection. We believe that creative learning is about exploration as much as it is about skill building and work to extend a cultural invitation to our students. When designing our programs, we strive to keep all of these principles in mind, cultivating an interactive environment that includes local food experiences, gathering parties, and nature retreats coupled with a feeling of intimate celebration.


Jeffrey Paul Gunthart and Sorcha Augustine of Longhaus, celebrating the art of craft in Sarasota Florida